Free Online Portable Clipboard, No Login, No Hassle! Take notes on the go.

  1. 1. What is Padzee?

    Padzee is a free, online portable notepad for taking notes instantly.

  2. 2. How does it work?

    Using Padzee is simple. Go to, give your pad a name, write, save, and you are good to go!

  3. 3. Why should I use padzee?

    It is a no-login online clipboard with a simple easy to navigate web interface.

  4. 4. How can I stop someone from editing my notes?

    Set an author's password with the lock icon from the toolbar and make the note readable only.

  5. 5. How can I make my notes private?

    Lock your note with the lock icon from the toolbar and set viewer's password to make it private.

  6. 6. How can I share notes with padzee?

    To share notes, copy/paste the URL from the share icon on the top toolbar and share it with whoever you like. For social sharing, click on the social icon you want to share.

  7. 7. In which format are the notes downloaded on padzee?

    The notes are downloaded in a simple text file. (.txt)

  8. 8. Does padzee have a word limit?

    With Padzee, you can type up to 975000 characters.

  9. 9. How can I switch to another notepad on padzee?

    Change the name of your desired notepad in the URL field and press enter or click view.